Baileys Coyote Bar – Soi 7

Baileys Coyote Bar - Soi 7
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Baileys Coyote Bar is located on Soi 7, is a mere 50 metres up from Beach Rd, on the right.

It won’t be hard to find Baileys Coyote Bar, there is normally a bevy of beautiful sexy ladies waiting outside inviting you in.

Once inside you will discover more beautiful ladies, in a spacious relaxed venue, Baileys Coyote Bar is great place to relax.

Baileys Coyote Bar - Ladies

With plenty of seating around the stage and back against the wall, you can take up your preferred spot and take in the atmosphere.

Drink prices are reasonable for this type of venue and you will find the ladies are generally not the pushy type.

Baileys Coyote Bar also put on parties on a regular basis with many having a theme.

You can also catch your favourite sports on TV at Baileys Coyote Bar, if the ladies are not too much of a distraction of course.

If cocktails are your thing you can also get your favourite concoction from the bar..

The staff are very friendly and do what they can to take care of your requests.

Baileys Coyote Bar is open everyday from 19:00 – 02:00 .

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