The Lying Cow

Lying Cow Bar

The Lying cow Bar, Ban Chang is Located on Hat Nam Rin Beach, an up and coming area and growing Entertainment District with more to offer everyday.

The Lying Cow is about 5km from the main strip, a motorbike or tuk tuk ride away.

Usually a great cool breeze flowing through, and entertainment watching the locals negotiate the cross roads.

So why make the trip to The Lying Cow, Hat Nam Rin, Ban Chang?

Why would you want to come to The Lying Cow, well the owners are well known and have been running bars in Ban Chang for 10 years, so can provide information to help your stay be more fun.

We have one of the best Music collections in Ban Chang ranging from 50’s till last week.

We have cheap bar snacks and Thai food which have a good reputation.

We like to

The lighting and stools outside have been updated with full LED lighting which does not attract insects so bite free, and comfortable stools that you can lean back, relax and drink.

Check out there Facebook page for more up to date photos.

To get directions click on the icon  Bar & Reataurant, then click Get Directions, scroll down and click the Grey button then click  Go

To get directions tap on the icon Bar & Reataurant, then tap on Get Directions

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Lying Cow Bar
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