Pattaya Trams

Pattaya Trams

Pattaya Trams

Pattaya Trams is the latest project announcement to come from the Pattaya Watchdog Group.

The proposal is to build 2 lines with a switch station on Pattaya Nua to eventually connect both routes.

The 2 lines to be named the Red and Blue lines, with the Red line which will start on Sukhumvit Rd in Naklua, being built first.

The Pattaya Trams red line would then turn into Pattaya Nua and travel down Beach road to Bali Hai before returning back up 2nd Rd.

The Red line budgeted cost for the 8 Kilometre route is 8 billion Baht.

The other project is the Blue Line that will share some track in North Pattaya before heading down 3rd road and then up onto Sukhumvit Rd and then down into Pattaya Klang.

Still in the planning stages a budget of 103 million baht has been set aside for the design of the 2 lines.

It is said that car parking will be available at the start of the line, presumably to encourage people not to drive all the way into the city.

The Pattaya Watchdog Group stated that even though it was still in the planning stages it was certain to go ahead.

The Pattaya Trams project is just one of many in the pipeline, including upgrades to the Bali Hai and Kho Larn ports.

The real question is will it help with Pattaya’s traffic congestion, or make it worse.


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