Traditional Thai Tattoos

Traditional Thai Tattoos

Traditional Thai Tattoos

You may have noticed some of the traditional Thai tattoos that many of the Thai ladies have.

Have you ever wondered where you can get one done ??

The correct name for these style of tattoos is a Sak Yant and are created either by Monks or Acharns or Ajarns (there are many spellings)

One of the best Acharns or Ajarns in Thailand is here in Pattaya, (Acharn meaning Teacher in Thai).

Archan Anek is his name and he does truly magnificent work from his base in East Pattaya.

A true master of his art, he was taught by his uncle who was a Monk by the name of Poodum.

Acharn Anek is highly regarded and even revered throughout Thailand.

Devotee’s have been known to travel from as far a field as Chang Mai and Phuket to receive a Yant from him.

The traditional Thai Tattoos method is to use a length of sharpened bamboo, this method however has its limitations with regards to fine detail.

Acharn Anek uses sharp tattoo needles, but in the original Tap method, the fine detail achieved this way is quite astounding.

If you are holidaying in Pattaya and you  would like to visit him for one of the best Sak Yant tattoo’s available, have a Thai lady call and make arrangements.

This is the best idea, as his English skills are limited, but his Sak Yant Tattooing skills are not.

The cost of your Sak Yant will depend solely on the complexity and amount of time involved.

It can be far less than what you would pay for a similar amount of time in a commercial Tattoo Parlour.

Have a look through the Poodum Tattoo website gallery CLICK HERE.

Contact Details:

Phone No is: (Thai)  089-8226515 : 086-8286617

Pickup Service:  Gaan (Sorry No English, have a Thai call him for you)

086 8286617 (Fee Applies)

If you would like to try and find your own way out to his studio, enter the following co-ordinates into your GPS or Smart Phone.

GPS Co-ordinates are: Lat: 12.895895°    Lon: 100.960290°

To use the directions map below, zoom the map up a little and click on the Icons for actual directions.

To use the directions map below, zoom the map up a little and click on the Icons for actual directions.

(Tip: stay on sealed roads, some of the local unsealed roads, have “heavy vehicle” traffic and are a complete mess)


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